How to Know if You are in the Relationship that You Deserve

Relationship that You Deserve

Relationships are never easy, and it is hard to find time to be in a relationship and to deal with the frustration of arguments and compromises. When you choose to be in a relationship, you want to be stronger, and you want to know that the person that you are with wants you and that you are in a relationship that you deserve to be in.

Here are some ways you can know if you are in a relationship that you deserve:

It Will Matter

You will know that you have chosen the right person when what matters to you matters to him. If you have hobbies that you like, then he should choose to do those things too so that you can enjoy life together. Don’t be in a relationship that causes you stress.

He Hears You

You don’t have to always be screaming to get him to pay attention to you. He should listen to whatever you tell him and pay attention to the details in your life. It is important that he listens to you so that you can talk about what you are feeling.


When there are problems in the relationship then he should be willing to talk about them. Everyone has challenges and has to deal with things and talking about them can make things better.

Making Plans

You don’t have to make plans everyday in order to have fun together. You should enjoy spending time together doing nothing or even doing things on your own. You should love hanging out and relaxing together.


If your guy makes a promise to you then he should keep it. If he says he will pick something up or fix something, then you should expect that he is doing that for you.


It is important that every relationship has boundaries. Make sure that you are in a relationship where you have boundaries, and you don’t feel bad about them being there.


Everyone needs to have priorities and you should never question or put your priorities on the back burner. If you have certain goals or values, follow them and if he loves you then he will respect you through these.

Making Fun of You

Your partner should never make fun of you and even if you have inside jokes, these are not always appropriate around everyone else. You should never joke or make fun of someone when you are out and about and people outside of you and your partner hear.


Being with someone means that you work together, and your partner should never blame you when something goes wrong or make excuses for their actions. They need to be responsible for the things that they do wrong, and you should be too.

You Are Important

When you are with someone that you like then they should put you first. They should care about your feelings and give you the relationship that you deserve. They should not just be telling you how they feel but showing you.

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