Making Wishes Come True

Making Wishes Come True

If you have ever had a dream where you won a prize or won the lottery, chances are that you might wonder if this is a precognitive dream or if it isn’t. Some people will go as far as to share their winning dreams with psychics to find out if their dream can come true or not. Most of the time though, these dreams aren’t precognitive dreams, but they are wish fulfilling dreams.

The way that the mind works happens when your subconscious takes something that you desire, and it makes you think about it often. This is kind of like fantasizing. When this happens, your mind might start to consider what would happen if something good came along and then your mind might let you dream about it.

Sigmund Freud

Freud was one of the first people to identify dreams as wish fulfillment dreams. This means that when you have a dream, the function of the dream is to see what you desire and to have pleasure as you dream about it. Freud even talked about how dreams can have an instinct to be wishes and to be wanting to be fulfilled. This means that you stop thinking about reality and you use a mechanism, which is your mind, to make a dream fulfilling wish.

Freud also believed that dreams were part of sexual nature, and he was very fixed on that topic. Dream experts also seem to agree that dreams can be wishes and part of fulfillment and that they come into life so that people can get their desires, at least in their dreams.

Carl Jung believed that most dreams worked depending on the attitude that you have. This means that the attitude of the dream compensates to add a situation to the moments that you have from a different point of view than from a real point of view.

Compensatory Dreaming

Dreaming of eating donuts after dieting or dreaming of having sex when you haven’t been sexual for a while can be happy dreams for people. The dreams might even make you feel that you got what you wanted, even though you didn’t in the physical.

Compensatory means that the person is compensated for what they want by having the dream. This dream will likely be a perfect dream of a deep desire. The subconscious wants the body and mind to be happy and that is one reason that many believe that dreams happen.

Sex dreams are very common when people are without sex for a while. The longer you wait before having sex, the more dreams about sex might come up. This is a way that you are getting your fulfillment without it actually happening.

Reconciliation Dreaming

When someone loses someone to death, it causes the person to go through grieving and sorrow. This can cause problems in your subconscious, and it can cause there to feel like a loss and a yearning for something different. Even if you mourn and you try to have peace, sometimes this doesn’t feel like enough, and the brain will cause there to be reconciliation dreams to help you feel happier.

After losing someone that you love, you might dream about that person over and over. It might cause you to dream that the person didn’t die, and it might cause you to dream that the person is coming back to life. Even though that person did die, your mind will not want you to have to face the fact that the person is dead and will cause you to have dreams of when they were alive.

The wish of the death being false is something that can cause your mind to dream of times when the person was alive so that you can feel better.

Even people that have gone through divorce or breakup will have these kinds of dreams. These can be dreams where they get back with their ex. The conscious mind doesn’t have a way to fix tings in the physical so it will make things up in the mind to make you feel better by creating a scenario of dreams.

The dreams can help while the person is sleeping but when they wake up it can be devastating to know that they were just dreaming, and that the reconciliation is probably never going to really happen but was just fantasy.

Fantasy Dreams

Fantasy dreams can happen such a when you dream of being something different like being a doctor if you are a teacher or being president. You might feel every emotion of that situation like feel yourself doing surgery and being recognized for a job well done.

The dream will be deep, and it will make you feel that you are a leader. Most people have these kinds of dreams and they have them to help them feel stronger in their life and help them to see what they can do. When we don’t recognize the good qualities that we have, sometimes our mind will show us those things so that we can recognize them.

Someone that hasn’t had a job for a while and is struggling might have a dream of something better. This can help you to feel more successful in your life and help you to keep moving forward.

The mind will create these fantasies because the brain show you that anything that you want can be possible. Jung suggested that you can affirm yourself through dreams by changing your attitude.

Mostly though, dreaming can help you to get out of your sad state of mind and to find ways to have peace and happiness above everything else.

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