12 Possible Reasons Why Guys Don’t Ask You Out

Why Guys Don't Ask You Out

Some women do a lot of work to put themselves out there. They are searching in earnest for dates and possibly the man of their dreams. Yet, their efforts are fruitless because no one asks them out.

The lack of dating invitations would have any woman concerned. The figure something must be going on to receive such a lackluster reaction. One issue could be your profile or your initial conversation. Another could be where you’re looking. If you are at a car show but don’t like cars, you probably are looking in the wrong place.

Those who want to know what is holding them back from being asked out should look to 12 possible reasons.

  1. You focus on your past. Guys can instantly get a vibe from women who aren’t over their past. These are women who talk about their past boyfriends or mistakes so much that they bore the guy they are interested in. They give the guy the feeling they need a therapist more than a boyfriend.
  2. You are man hungry. This is another vibe men get when they first meet or talk to a woman. These are women who want a man so badly they will jump on whoever is in their path. No man wants to be considered a desperate choice and such neediness shows a lack of security in yourself.
  3. You don’t recognize your flaws. Guys pick up on this right away. This type of woman is the one who blames all others for situations rather than accepts responsibility for their contributing actions. They think they have no flaws, which men see as a way the woman will always blame them.
  4. You don’t have a clue as to what you want. These are women who treat men differently than what they say they want. They claim to want a serious relationship but appear to be playing games. Guys find this a big turnoff and the reputation of this type of woman gets around the guy circles fast.
  5. They don’t see you in their future. Guys do think about the future and like to plan around their careers. A couple of conversations will determine whether you could fit into their plans. They easily pick up whether you share the same interests, goals, and dreams. Those women who don’t are off their list.
  6. The men you want are into themselves. Some women have a bad habit of going after men who just aren’t into them because they are into themselves. Maybe it’s because they are oozing confidence or maybe secretly women like those men who seem unattainable. The problem is they are. Women should find men who want a relationship, possibly with them.
  7. You can’t relax. Men like to go with the flow early on. They want a relationship to grow naturally and trying too hard to impress them, to be with them, and date them is a big turnoff. The fact is men don’t like aggressive women.
  8. They are afraid of being rejected. Some men may want to ask you out but may genuinely feel you are out of their league. You may look too busy or preoccupied. An easy way to figure this out is to ask your friends if you look approachable. Some no-nos in this scenario are to sit in bar corners by yourself, constantly be on your phone, or generally acting like you don’t want to be bothered.
  9. Maybe they are interested but you aren’t paying attention. Women can spend all their time looking at the lead singer, they forget about the drummer so to speak. If you focus all your time and attention on one guy that you are fascinated with, you may not notice five or six great men who would make a great boyfriend for you. They won’t approach you if they think you are into someone else.
  10. Some guys aren’t looking for a challenge. Guys around you may want an easy relationship with no drama or stress. These guys don’t want a serious relationship because a real relationship will have drama and stress at times. They want a fling or just a one-night stand. If you want something more, don’t look to these guys.
  11. They think you are with someone else. This can be a miscommunication or a bad assumption on his part. Maybe he overheard something that made it seem that way or maybe one of his friends is interested in you. He probably just thinks you are unavailable and his odds aren’t good. The thing to do here is to drop a subtle hint that you are available and interested.
  12. There may not be a reason. Guys don’t always have reasons for things they do or don’t do. They may not feel the chemistry, maybe busy or are just too dumb to see what a great girl you are. Don’t take it to heart. Women may always need a reason behind the madness, but men tend to act on instincts without reason.

All of these things are fixable. Women in this situation should take stock of their image, their approachability, and how available they are making themselves to men to make adjustments. Speak to close friends about it to gain some honest insight and don’t be afraid to make changes.

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