Five Steps to Create for Lasting Love

Five Steps to Create for Lasting Love

It might feel like everyone around you is heads over heels in love, except you.  For some reason their secret to happiness is eluding you.  Worry no more!

We have compiled five key skills you can use to help you find, and hold-onto your soulmate:

  1. Go with Your Gut

Don’t second guess yourself if you find the first date is going well.  Instead, enjoy the banter and discovering shared interests.  To ensure your date has the purest of intentions, every so often, take a step back from the conversation.  Use this brief moment to get in touch base with your intuition.  Let your inner voice help you decode what is sincere interest and what is a canned line.  Your instincts are usual right and will help you avoid people who will only waste your time and affection.

  1. Be Mindful and Open to Serendipity

The adage: “stop and smell the roses” can apply to dating as well.  If you are so wrapped up in your daily expectations and duties you might miss out on the signs pointing us in the direction of our true love!  During your commute to work, instead of being shackled to your phone, look around at the people around you.  That woman reading the book by your favorite author next to you on the bus could become a hot date with a common passion.  Don’t be afraid to say hi or compliment a person.  Even if they aren’t single and looking for love, with time they might introduce to their friend or coworker who would make a fantastic partner for you.

  1. Love Yourself

Can you list things you appreciate about yourself?  If it feels like a struggle for you, consider trying to discover one or two things you treasure about yourself every day for the next few weeks.  Nothing is too small or frivolous.  Discovering your self-worth is key for your awareness of your value as a mate.  By compiling this gratitude journal, you will find yourself more comfortable in your own skin, and more relaxed when getting to know new people.  Confidence and a killer smile are sexy as hell.  By finding and owning your uniqueness you will make an excellent first impression on your first date with a suitor.

  1. Seek Growth and Goodness in a Potential Partner

When looking for love, focus on finding a person who can treasure you, committed to personal and relationships growth, and is a genuinely good person.  No one is perfect, but finding a person that has a commitment to growth and goodness shows that they are seeking a healthy relationship for the long haul.  Great love requires sincerity and hard work.  If your date is phoning it in now, then trust they will be even more laxed in their efforts when the honeymoon phase is over!

  1. Find a Love Guru

We all need help and relationships take a lot of effort.  By finding inspiration in a long-lasting couple, you can better understand how to navigate potential pitfalls.  Find a person who is committed to your growth and seeing you happy.  When you have fears about dating, talk to them to dispel the gremlins’ illusion and instead see all that you bring to any healthy relationship.  Listen to what this mentor has to say about your love gifts and what they find attractive in you.  Feel free to ask them any question about how their journey with love and how they have made this relationship so successful.  By feeling the love within and around you, the universe will be better able to direct your perfect mate to you as efficiently as possible.

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