Forever Alone

Forever Alone

When you feel like everyone around you is finding someone to date and you are unhappy and alone, you probably wonder what is wrong with you and why you cannot find someone.  Do you feel that you will never find anyone and that you will always be alone?

Chances are, you have had this pity party before but that doesn’t mean that everything in everyone’s life is easy and that you are the only one that has a hard life.  The truth is, everyone struggles to find love and even if you haven’t found it yet, you are worthy of love, so just keep pushing.

Forever Alone

When you feel that you are never able to find the right person and you are always going out on pointless date, chances are that you need to change some things in your life.  If things aren’t working out, something has to change.  You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect to see something different happen.

You deserve to be happy and to fall in love and if you want it, here is how you can find the perfect love.

Check Yourself

Look at yourself and see if you have a history that shows you are picking the wrong guys to date.  Figure out what kind of guys you are always dating and write it down in a list.  Write down things you have done that were successful in dating and things that weren’t.

Did you do something that turned a guy off or was there something guys always complemented you on?  Write these things down and make adjustments as needed.

Get Yourself Out There

When you want to date, make sure you are in the right dating environment.  Go places that are nice places and find places to meet people that are great for conversation.  Dress nice and put on clothing that makes you look good.  Fix your makeup and always look your best.

Don’t ignore social cues and if someone is hitting on you, show your interest.  Always use your own body language to show someone you like them.  Be a good talker and ask a lot of questions, not too personal though!

Let Them Remember You

When you meet someone make sure you are making a great first impression. When you have chemistry with them, do something that makes you forgettable.  Always go slow and don’t rush things.  Let them have your number but make sure they call you first.

Being Single is Okay

It is okay to be single.  Everyone doesn’t always have to be dating someone.  Being happy when you are single means that you are strong in yourself and that you have a fulfilling life.  Make sure that you have created this kind of life before you meet someone.

It is important that you know how to love yourself and to be happy on your own and that you do this before you even consider dating.  If you are looking for a partner to make you happy, chances are you are trying to meet someone for the wrong reasons.

You should be looking for someone to be a part of your journey and not someone that is there to define you.  Don’t be clingy or settle just so you can have someone.  Be true to who you are and let life happen.

Be Thankful

Being thankful will get you far.  Be thankful for all of your dating experiences and for all of the times your relationships didn’t work out.  Be thankful when you have been able to see things from different angles and when life has been good to you.

If something didn’t work out, chances are that was for the best.  Each morning when you wake up, thank the universe for taking care of you and for allowing you to work through things in your life.


Make sure when you are ready to date that you are putting forth an effort.  Life is going to continue on around you and you need to make sure that you are putting time in if you want to find someone to share your life with.

Be the best person that you can be and allow life to give you different experiences.  Embrace them and learn to be happy even if you are alone.

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