How to Get Over Someone That Never Wants to Commit

Never Wants to Commit

Everyone has been in a situation where they are dating and they meet someone that excites them and gives them butterflies and then all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, you realize that this person isn’t someone that you would want to date for a long time. You don’t really break up with them because things weren’t that serious, but it kind of feels like a breakup because of the thrill that you had and the idea that you never knew what would happen next.

This is sometimes almost as hurtful as a real breakup because you have put a lot of effort into the relationship. You went out of your way to try to understand them, talked about personal things and maybe you even started really liking them?

What made this relationship go bad? There was not one toxic quality that you could see but you felt like this was a relationship that wouldn’t last for the long term, like you were looking for. Maybe you had different thoughts and opinions about things and maybe you looked at life differently than he did. You had a connection, but chances are that you didn’t really know this person enough to know about their flaws.

You might have been attracted to them and then your feelings got stronger, and you don’t even really understand why you feel sad that they aren’t in your life anymore. This is a guy that will get to you even more than someone that gives their all in a relationship that ends.

Getting Over Him

The best way to get over this guy is to delete him out of your life, just like a real breakup. If you knew him just for a little while but you liked him, the best thing you can do is move away from him. Get rid of his phone number, delete him off of your social media and concentrate on yourself. Learn to do things such as take a class, go to the gym, pick up a new hobby, whatever it takes to get him off of your mind.

Know what you are feeling though and embrace those feelings. Allow yourself to know what your feelings are and to be sad. Feel your feelings until they are gone and when the bad feelings leave, start new.

Never the Same

Getting over someone, even someone that you haven’t known for long, can be hard. It doesn’t matter how intense the breakup was or wasn’t, people have different feelings and different ways that they handle their emotions. This is what makes who you are so different and special.

If you need to get over that guy and he still has your heart, do what you can to make yourself feel better. If you need to splurge on sweets, go for a walk-in nature, or even go buy a new outfit, do it. Do what you can to get over him and to be happy in your life.

Never let the idea of getting over someone fast hold you back. Just because someone you know gets over someone quickly doesn’t mean that you will get over them fast.

Find a way to move on in your life and to find out what makes you happy and what makes you feel good about who you are. You can get over this guy and find someone else that you will click with in the future.

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