Signs the Relationship is Right

Signs the Relationship is Right

Relationships can be confusing, sometimes tricky, and often tricky to navigate. There are times when you have been in a relationship for so long that you may wonder if it is right or you settled. The truth is, when you are in the right relationship, everything changes and becomes enjoyable. Even boring chores become fun when you are with the right person.

There are other clear signs that point to being in the right relationship for you, these are shared below:

Enjoy Time Together

You both enjoy activities together, some for him, some for her, but when an activity is found that you both enjoy together, it can be magical. It may take time, even years, but once common ground is found then it can really be enjoyed.

Time Apart

When you are in the right relationship, you can spend time doing things separately. A good partner understands the need for some time apart to enjoy your own things.

Productive Fighting

Fighting at some point is inevitable. Those in the right relationships, fight in a productive way. It is not about winning or being right, but about problem solving, finding common ground, and being respectful the whole time. A fight should never feel like someone wins and someone loses, but that problems are solved.


Relationships bring people together, so you are likely to have close friends. Some friends will be shared, but others will be only for the other person. A good relationship is respectful of this and appreciates the balance.


No relationship should ever be about losing your identity. A good relationship allows for the maintenance of separate identities and an appreciation for the other person.

Others Agree

Though it should never be the only factor, if friends and family find the relationship is good for both of you, then it is probably right. If others only have negative things to say, it may be time to listen.

Respectful Disagreements

There will always be things that you do not agree on because this is human nature. Even the right relationships are not about being perfect. When you can disagree, but still be respectful then it is probably right. Disagreements are not about hurting the other person or changing their minds in a good relationship, just about being individuals.

Bettering One Another

In a good relationship, you will build each other up. Partners should inspire one another to new heights and new endeavors.

Shared Passion

This type of shared passion is not about enjoying the same activities, but about the future. If you are ready to settle down and he is not, or vice versa, then it is probably not the right relationship. While even those partners that agree on a future may not last forever, it is good to be clear about expectations and desires.


Physical attraction is probably what drew you to your partner, but in the right relationship it goes further. If you find yourself also attracted to the mind and spirit, then it is probably right. Be as excited about a late-night conversation as what happens in bed physically.

Secret Keeping

Privacy is important. When you are with someone, you will share secrets. Keeping one another’s secrets out of respect and value is important. When you are with the right person, they will protect your secrets.

Good Team

Good partners work together to accomplish tasks. Being a good team mate takes work, but if you can sync up with your partner and work together, then it is probably right.

Mundane Becomes Fun

With the right person even silly chores become fun. Whether doing the laundry or shopping for food, a good relationship will be enjoyable. This does not mean it will always be a laugh a minute, but that even the monotonous is made better by your loved one.

Sexual Compatibility

Though this is an obvious one, being sexually compatible over the long term is important. While you will not always be on the same page, there should be a good amount of overlap. If not, then this may not be the relationship you need long term.

Financial Goals

Finances are often a point of contention in relationships. Be up front and honest about financial goals in a relationship. This will include the income level that will help you sleep well at night. Work together to create a budget with savings included. If you can agree on this sensitive subject, you are likely in the right relationship.


There are many signs that relationship is right or wrong, these are just a few. Don’t be afraid to do a type of relationship audit to see if you are truly compatible with your partner for the long term. If it turns out that things are not as they seem on the surface, then it may be time to walk away. It can be hard, but the right person is out there, better to get out now than suffer for years on end.

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