18 Ideal Boyfriend Traits for an Alpha Woman

18 Ideal Boyfriend Traits for an Alpha Woman

Alpha Females are strong and empowered women who may come across as intimidating to unaccustomed to a woman with such self-assurance.  She only has time and energy for a man who is capable of being her equal, partner and loudest cheerleader.  The most suitable partner for her is a person who equally is steady, passionate and charismatic.  This man is confident enough to provide a safe haven from the hectic daily tasks an Alpha Female faces in her life.  He relishes in her successes, but has a firm voice and sets healthy boundaries for their relationship.

Read on to discover 18 qualities that this elusive, but desirable partner should possess for an Alpha Woman.

  1. He can tease and be teased

This guy knows how to tell joke that challenge, but never hurt her self-esteem.  He enjoys it when she is able to return the banter as it helps him learn more about her and her mindset.  They both can appreciate the value of sarcasm and how jovially point out each other’s weak spots allows them to evolve into better people.

  1. He challenges

Things don’t have to be a competition with this guy.  But his witty and well-timed observations help an Alpha Woman hone her skills and gifts.  Every day feels exciting, surprising and fulfilling with him.

  1. He’s not the jealous type

This man is so confident in his abilities, gifts and self- of self that an Alpha Woman can be herself in any situation.  He might find a person mildly flirting with her charming, because yeah, she really is that great.  She needs time with her bros just as much as her girls, and her guy friends are pretty cool guys.  This man set the foundation for a relationship to be rooted in trust immediately, and as such knows she will be faithful to him and him alone, so why not let her have a bit of fun!

  1. He has his own life

‘He doesn’t feel the need to micromanage an Alpha Woman because he understands they both need space to live their own lives.  After all, sharing the details of each other’s day can make for a more dynamic conversation during date night

  1. He keeps her confidence

Trust is important to this man, and as such, anything shared with him stays in the vault.

  1. He can handle her bad moods

He seeks to provide comfort to his partner.  He will go out of his way to make her feel loved and at ease.  Even at her worse, he can find a way to make her laugh or able to breathe.  He understands that this bad mood is just temporary and with time she will have the ability to right her ship.

  1. He apologizes sincerely

If he messes up, he will immediately own it and begin to work at correcting the oversight.  If need be, he will be willing to have a discussion about the transgression in order to learn about how to prevent a similar hurt from happening in the future.

  1. He can match her pace at life

This man likes to learn and understand how to be the best possible partner.  This can entail dovetailing his career of life goals to hers.  He always wants to understand they can best meet each other’s needs.  He aspires to be a steady influence in the life of those he loves.

  1. He sees her for who she is

He is not only to minimize or over embellish an Alpha Female’s accomplishments.  He treats her like a grown woman, but does enjoy giving her a special treat from time to time.  He works to be her partner and not her parents.  He is in her life because he wants to be there, not because she ‘needs’ him.

  1. He teaches without lecturing

This man has a thirst for knowledge about his love and life around him.  His goal is to help her be the best possible version of herself and as such he will give ample feedback to help her achieve her goals.  He also is passionate about his hobbies and interests and loves to share information he learns along the way so you both feel more engaged with the world around you.

  1. He likes to make people laugh

Laughter is a balm for the most stressful of times.  He seems to know when to be serious and be task-orientated and when a couple need to kick back and have a good time.

  1. He calls it like he sees it

He is guided by a goal to be the best possible version possible.  This means calling out injustices or discrepancies.  He believes in fairness and is unafraid to tell an Alpha Woman when she is acting unreasonable.  He never will say anything to be a jerk, but instead as a way of helping people learn and be better people.

  1. He wants to be an Alpha Woman’s rock

This man is strong, independent and with a strong self of self.  He enjoys knowing when to let his lady take the lead and when you steer her.  He enjoys being supportive and is the loudest cheerleader because he is sincerely proud of all her accomplishments.

  1. He’s social, but doesn’t need to be the center of attention

He loves spending times with friends and family, but knows how to not overdo anything.  He enjoys being a protector and responsible.  He’ll hand her another drink if she wants to kick back and relax, but will pour a drink down the drain if she had too much.

  1. His opinions are based in facts

He is knowledgeable and seeks to verify information he stumbles upon.  He enjoys dynamic conversations with diverse viewpoints, as long as they are rooted in facts.  Being a responsible steward of the world is important to him.

  1. He knows when address or drop a topic

This man believes in fairness.  He can understand when to stand his ground and when to cease control.  He enjoys well-formed arguments, but make sure it never gets too heated.  He knows this can be tricky with strong-will woman and makes sure to understand when a difficult conversation requires a time-out to ensure both parties are able to understand the situation and receive feedback.

  1. He also has big dreams

Much like an Alpha Woman, this man has grand plans for himself.  He wants to work alongside his love to make sure they can create reasonable steps to help achieve their goals and share in each other’s successes.

  1. He knows how to listen without being overlooked

He is savvy enough to know when to talk and when to listen.  He uses his patience to fully understand a situations and a person’s perceptions; however, he demands the same respect when he shares his truth.

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