Using the Art of the Chase to Find Lasting Love

Using the Art of the Chase to Find Lasting Love

A perpetuating theme in dating is use the strategy of creating a chase to solicit lingering interest in a person.  This has been especially true of relationships that involve men.  The truth is that it is always best to following your heart and intuition.  If you are committed to loving a single person you might be best serve to avoid a chase altogether.  You never want to risk losing the love of a good person in the name of playing a game of seduction.  However, in many situations creating the scenario of a chase will pique the interest of your intended and make the courtship a bit more exciting.

People enjoying chasing other for two main reason: to satisfy their ego and to understand if the reality of the person matches their fantasy of them.  The act of competition releases a flood of addictive endorphins.  Every seeks the attention of an elite partner.  When a person sees a flock of suitors around the object of their affection it spikes their interest since obviously, they have a lot of options.  After this desired person weighs the pros and cons of each suitor it tests potential compatibility.  If they select YOU – wow what an endorsement of your high caliber.  This also shows that what people perceive as a “chase” is more of a selection process to prove determination and compatibility.

Chasing helps people realize the value of one another

Love happens in stages.  First is understand how to attract attention onto them.  The initial priority is getting the intended to like them and desire to interact.  If someone is too easy to attain, a person might contemplate what is making them so ‘eager.’  Unfortunately, if you keep someone on the string too long you run the risk of them becoming bored and explore other options.  The true intensity of the chase depends on the depth of their affection.  When they stop caring they will stop pursuing.  If you really care for a person then you should dial back on the game play.  But if you are unsure of someone’s feelings or questioning if that want a relationship or a fling then play hard to get and see how long they linger.

Is it worth playing hard to get?

In the general sense it is advisable.  It proves the value of their intentions to you and allows them to process the totality of you and your true worth.  If they begin to prioritize the relationship then they will be less likely to consider spending time with other prospects or ending your affair altogether, and ultimately focus more on your company and pleasure.

Making the most of the chase

If you want to have the best chance at a successful romantic outcome don’t make a commitment right away.  Guard your feelings or risk them understanding the intensity of your feeling and switch from wooing you to driving the pacing.  Allowing them the opportunity to chase will empower them to enjoy the small random moments of courtship.  Whether it’s receiving a sudden kiss or random text they will begin to value the meaningful ways you are showing that you are interested as well.  Never chase the person if they sudden ease back on their pursuit of you!  This just sends the signal that you were only playing hard to get and they will feel a sense of mistrust and betrayal.  If a person genuinely cares for you and not just trying to get you in bed then they won’t consider changing the rules just as they are about the win the ultimate prize!

The Super Kitty Chase

If you want to enjoy a successful chase, have that date full of all the anticipation and joy in your heart.  You can even share how happy you are to spend time together.  You must always take care to stop just shy of what they want.  Give them a hint of hope that you are closer than you were last time.  For example, if your hands grazed on the first date, feel free to hold hands on the second.  If you just smiled, then go ahead and give that flirtatious wink.  This signals that the relationship is unfurling deliciously slowly.  The progression shows that you are developing real feelings for them as well.

By taking things slowly you are proving that the relationship is more about love than lust.  Keeping a slow, yet evolving pace always you both to develop sincere affection for each other and understand what values you share and prioritize.  Using a step approach ensures the bond is rooted in substance and not clouded by the lust of sexual attraction.  Sex is always a complicating factor in relationship so let your physical attraction sprout and blossom over time to ensure it’s not just a passing fling.

Why The Super Kitty Chase Works

Multiple studies have demonstrated how relationships with prolonged courtship where two people like each other but haven’t solidified a firm romantic commitment, has an improved chance of sustained success.  When you play hard to get, yet allow them the satisfaction of progression on each date, you demonstrate the attraction is rooted in sincere affection and not just lust.  Always plan a chase by understanding all the moving pieces.  When we understand why something works and put mindful effort into its execution you ensure your time will be well served since second chances, especially in love, are so rare.

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