5 Ways You Know They Are Crazy in Love with You

5 Ways You Know They Are Crazy in Love with You

It can be hard to discuss feelings with another person.  Instead, it typically is much easier to show someone that they love a person through their actions.  When you know what to look for, and how to best read the cues, you can tell is a person is more in love with you than they say.

Here are 5 specific things that often happens when someone is madly in love:

  1. They become protective

When someone is in love, they can become extremely attentive and will work to safeguard your feelings towards anything they view as a threat.  This means your partner will fight alongside you to prevent you from experiencing pain.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t wish for a knight in shining armor?!

  1. They value your thoughts and opinions

Love means wanting to know as much as they can about your special someone.  If you notice your partner asking lots of deep, meaningful questions then you can be confident they love you.  Seeking out an opinion shows they value your intellect and both appreciate and respect you.

  1. They help you balance time with them and alone

Healthy relationships mean being healthy individuals first.  People in love want their partner to have a rich life apart from the relationships.  Be weary of any person that acts clingy and doesn’t value your need for personal space.  This might be a sign of jealousy or lack of belief in your commitment to them and the relationship.

  1. They are willing to grow beyond their comfort zone

Love makes us do wild and crazy things.  This means exploring things you might never have thoughts about prior to meeting your special someone.  If you notice your introverted love becoming eager to meet your loud and excited circle of friends, then this is a good sign they are head over heels in love with you.

  1. They value your inner gifts as well as your external beauty

People who are truly in love will falls for the WHOLE person and not just your cute little smile.  No matter what you are wearing or how messy your hair, they will love you fiercely.  Moreover, often it is your quirky habits or rich inner world that gets them charged up more than when you wear your sexiest outfit.

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