Why Falling in Love Can Be Risky

Why Falling in Love Can Be Risky

Love is not just a word, but it is an action. It is a feeling that is strong and often times magical. Love is something that we cannot control. According to research though, many have found that love is something that is considered a behavior.

Of course, hormones play a role in love, but affection is even more important. When you love someone, the way that you foster that love will change the emotions that you associate with love. You can help to create feelings of love and if you choose against it, the feelings you have will begin to fade.

What kind of actions allow you to show love? One of the big ones is being vulnerable. You have to learn to let yourself go with your partner. This can deepen your bond and make you strongly connected.

Here are some actions that can be risky in love:

Taking a Risk

One of the ways that you can foster love is by taking a risk. This can make you more attracted to your partner. This creates a sense that you have when you first fall in love.

Do something that is risky or silly to you such as singing at karaoke or going sky diving.

Get Emotionally Naked

Learn to open up to your partner and you will connect like never before. Learn to ask questions that are hard to ask and answer ones that are hard to answer.

Disclose things to one another that make you feel connected to your partner. Let them be vulnerable to you and you be vulnerable to them.

Look into Their Eyes

Looking into the eyes of your partner can help you to bond deeply. This is part of a technique of being vulnerable which can be scary to some.

When you want to really see how to foster your intimacy, set a timer and stare into the eyes of the person you are with. See what it feels like.


Learn to take risks when you are looking for love. Embrace the idea of love and intimacy and find ways to open yourself up to your partner.

Once you find someone that you like, you will want the relationship to grow stronger. Allow this to happen by being open to yourself and to your partner.

Talk to your partner about what makes you feel vulnerable and share these feelings. Once you are able to figure out what you and your partner are feeling, you can work on being a stronger partner with each other and making your bond even more lasting.

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