Should Breaking Up be an Option if I am Depressed?

Should Breaking Up be an Option if I am Depressed?

Many people suffer from depression. It can be debilitating at times. It can be difficult to remember that mental illness, like depression, is an illness, not who you are on the soul level. It is an issue of the mind that can be healed or treated over time. When you are in a relationship with someone and depression rears its ugly head, then it can be difficult. However, serious relationships are about the good and bad, sickness and health. When one person is struggling, going through a dark time, then the other should not leave you to suffer alone. You are supposed to give one another strength, not run away at the first hint of a stressful situation. Life will never be perfect; a mental illness is just one example of what may arise.

Mental Illness in a Relationship

Though it can be tough at times, you should not let your depression come between you and a significant other. This starts by coming to terms with your illness and what it means in your life. Then you must help your significant other understand how it may affect your life and theirs at times. If you have a significant other who can support you in the toughest times, it can be healing. So, if you do happen to suffer from a mental illness, then treat it as any other illness. This means you need your partner’s help so you can heal over time. Tell them what you need and within reason, expect them to help. Depression is not a short-term issue so it is a long-haul illness that can change over time. Your partner needs to understand this and be willing to adjust.

It should be noted that depression is treatable and is something that people can have at varying levels. Some people will need medication, often for a lifetime. Some may be able to heal through natural means like exercise, lifestyle changes, or simply time. Some may be severe and require in-patient treatment. Your partner needs to understand the level and the ramifications of each to see if they are willing to stay in the relationship. Sadly, a serious illness is a reason many couples come to an end because the stress is high on both sides.

If you know you suffer from depression prior to starting a relationship, it is important to be open. While this is not information that should be trotted out on the first few dates, if things get serious then a frank and honest discussion needs to be approached. If you are in a relationship and depression strikes for the first time, be honest with your partner and seek help sooner rather than later. This is a tough thing to describe to someone, but many people have people in their life who have suffered with depression and will understand more than you think. Life is tough. Whether depression becomes and obstacle or something else, you and your partner need to work together to move forward. This is what a solid relationship is all about.

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