Do You Need a Social Media Makeover?

Do You Need a Social Media Makeover

Social media has grown to the point that it’s simply a part of everyone’s everyday life. It’s where we connect with our friends, get our news and information, find fashion advice, and post about the prettiest parts of our lives so everyone else can see. Being online is just part of our daily routine. But it’s important for us to assess our online personality occasionally to see if we need a tune-up.

Here are five common signs that you may need to revamp your social media presence:

1. You’re getting fewer likes.

Honestly, what is the point of social media? Most people would acknowledge that they post status updates and photos to receive validation, in the form of “likes,” from family, friends, and even strangers. Otherwise, what could be the purpose of sharing details of our lives with the world? So if fewer people are taking the time to react to your posts, you may need a social media makeover. Perhaps people are viewing your posts as self-pitying. Maybe you alter your selfies so much that they don’t even look like you. Or maybe you’re just gloating too much about your #blessings.

2. Your posts incite anger.

There isn’t anything wrong with engaging in healthy online debates. But if your posts are often answered with anger, you need to consider a social media makeover. If people are consistently taking personal offense at your posts, if they’re triggered or hurt by them, they may unfollow you, block you, or unfriend you in real life. They may even report you to the moderators of the site. You’re certainly entitled to your opinions. But you need to find a way to express them to the world without being offensive or aggressive.

3. You’ve had the same profile picture for years.

Your profile photo is one of the most important components of your presence on social media. If you don’t look like your photo anymore, it’s definitely time for a social media makeover. Choose a new photo that reflects who you are and what you look like now. And be proud of yourself! There’s not anything wrong with displaying older photos in your feed. But you don’t want to mislead other people into thinking that you’re as young, as attractive, or as fit as your old picture may be suggesting.

4. Your feed is filled with people you don’t know or don’t like.

If you generally feel unsatisfied or aggravated after viewing the content on your social media feeds, you should do a makeover. Thin out your list of followers as well as the list of others that you follow. You don’t want to share your private life with your enemies, and you don’t need to see post after post from people who just annoy you. Also, remove strangers from your profile. The goal is to curate your feed so you have a positive experience each time you look at it.

5. You feel bad after using social media.

Social media should give you a break from reality. But, it won’t do that if it’s filled with posts that you find frustrating or distressing. If being online drains you and makes you feel like you’re not worthy, you need more than a makeover when it comes to social media. You may need a social media break. Social media can suck up a lot of your time and your mental energy—from getting lost down rabbit holes to getting sucked into debates with strangers and people you haven’t seen in years. The truth is, nobody really needs to do that. It’s good for your mental health to schedule occasional social media breaks so you can relax, unwind, and refocus your energies on more important things.

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