How to know you are ready for love

How to know you are ready for love

Each day I address relationship issues. Everybody asks the same question: where are all the good men? when they want to date or love. This kind of question is not the right question and it sucks. This is because attracting that relationship you want still won’t be easy even if there was a perfect place where these men are found. You’d just have fun and even get sick of your husband. That’s why you’re not yet married I guess.

You not asking the right question is the reason why you not meeting enough men. the question you should ask is: Are you ready for a great love relationship?

You always say, definitely, I am

However, this is not true because I see quite a number of women on NBC’s reality tv show saying they are ready for love but initially they are not, they want to love. These two things have different meanings.

I have put signs below to let you know if you’re ready for love:

  • You behave according to your age

Since this is America, you have the freedom of randomly identifying a particular age and sticking by it. Although most people in their twenties are self-centered and confused, you can act that age for the rest of your life if you want to. Don’t imitate the characters of those you see on tv, if you do then it means you are not ready for a long-lasting relationship.

  • You have lost hope

I had a talk with a lady recently; she had lost hope in dating. I, therefore, thought that it means she’s finally ready. You need to surrender your love work plan to attract that real man. There is nothing like getting a man, you just surrender to them.

  • You would be attracted to the opposite sex version of you if you meet them

You would want to be with a guy if you discover that he has the same characteristics as yours. This shows that you have self-respect and is ready for love. Go and be that person you admire, if that’s a lie. You will eventually be ready even if you’re just getting started.

  • You get bored by perfection

There is nothing perfect in a love relationship. There are females I know who are indebted in men who would get rejected with my girlfriends on the first meeting. Here is the truth, if you are comparing your dating life with the haves and have not’s then you are not ready for a relationship.

  • You are on your own but not lonely

That moment you least expect is when someone will come into your life. Therefore you walk around not anxious about anything having hopes that the universe will not detect that you wish for love. You cannot fool the universe. You can discover something and do to keep you busy. Being alone and being lonely are different and to identify the difference between the two you just need to have a lot of self-love.

You just need to be ready, for you to be ready. So if you’re not ready then there is no cause of an alarm. It is through growth that you will realize you’re ready and know the places good men are found which is everywhere.

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