The Power of Feminine Attraction

Ashley, a client of mine, recently wrote me this email that I thought was worth sharing. With her permission, here it is:

Hi Gracie,

Thanks for your amazing work, and the advice you give that allows women to experience a journey of spiritual transformation and personal growth. I’m writing because I need your advice.

I’ve always been known as confident, charismatic, enthusiastic and vibrant. In short, I was attractive, and I knew how to woo an audience and win hearts. In most situations, I got lots of attention. My exes used to say I was a source of vibrant energy and light.

But most of my teenage years and my early adulthood were full of mood swings and anxiety. Sometimes I felt like I was on top of the world, but other times, I felt so down that I felt like I was dying. This made life challenging, but eventually I just accepted the fact that my personality just was like that.

But then I came across your blog. What a wake-up call it was! I felt like my whole identity was an illusion, a lie. I never understood before that I wasn’t my ego, that I’m really just an observer. Your postings gave me freedom. I’ve never felt so free before. But I’m also quite scared.

I’ve found I now struggle regarding my confidence with guys. I don’t think I’m as attractive to people, especially guys, as I used to think I was. I feel like guys don’t flock to me anymore; almost nobody talks to me anymore or even looks my way. I’ve lost the person I used to be, along with the magnetism I used to possess that naturally drew people to me. I’m terrified that I’m no longer desirable or lovable. I’m reduced to the status of a non-reactive, passive observer. I just feel neutral all the time, and I don’t recognize myself anymore. I need advice. What do I do?

~ Ashley

What Ashley really seeks is to be that woman who stands out from other women not for her looks, but for her feminine radiance and her inner beauty. Every woman possesses some natural level of feminine attraction. Some women just need to discover it, so they can let it shine. Once this happens, women can have more satisfying lives, more genuine relationships, and higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sign up on my web site for my new online counseling program, in which you can explore feminine attraction in greater depth. Through my program, you’ll learn how to shed your anxiety, how to build genuine emotional connections with guys, and how to be vulnerable without losing yourself. My program is always conversational, so if any questions arise, I can go with the flow. Improvising and being spontaneous don’t intimidate me. I’m happy to let the sessions turn in directions I hadn’t planned. They always end up empowering, educational and fun.

This program is brand-new. It will build your self confidence in a way that you’ll become attractive like a magnet that inspires guys to commit. This program can also help you re-invent your self-image.

In love and in other relationships, most people are taught to set boundaries and standards so they don’t get taken advantage of. But it’s all about ego.  It’s so counter-intuitive and radical to appreciate, to receive and to trust when we’re feeling vulnerable, but that’s what really works.

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Please pass along the message of love and peace.

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