Falling in Love with Your Best Guy Friend

Falling in Love with Your Best Guy Friend

You can get out of the friend zone and become lovers and turn your relationship into a romantic one.  When this happens, there is a weird thing that happens in our brains.  We decide we want to take things to the next level, and this can be nerve-wracking and can be hard, but very worth it.


Being best friends is normally easy and it is easy to be out with mutual friends.  When you decide that you want to date, this can become a question and can cause fear because the relationships around you will always be changing.  When this changes form friendship to romance, it can change the group dynamics and be a negative thing.


You might have to come up with rules and you may not know what to expect when this shift happens.  At the beginning, it will probably be strange, and it will be different to view each other in a romantic way.

Web Advice

There are many websites that can help and give relationship advice, especially for situations where you become more than friends with someone.  These sites can help you to make it through difficult situations and help you to understand your love at a deeper level.  You can find someone that can answer all of your questions.

Tough Parts

When you know everything about someone and have a tight friendship, there are no getting to know each other activities.  This can make it hard because you skip this whole step.  There is already proof by your everyday life that you are compatible with each other, this means no secrets and no questions.

Telling the Parents

You have to tell your parents when you become serious with your best friend.  You will want them to know what is going on in your life and they will more than likely be happy and supportive of you.

Moving In Together

Once you make it past the friendship to dating stage, moving in together should work out just perfectly,.,  Even though this is a big step, this can be scary but when this time together is always great, this can just be the perfect answer for both of you.


There is a chance that people will start to judge you and will assume that you were together the whole time and you never really were best friends.  It doesn’t matter what they think or what they assume.  Let them think what they want and just be happy.


The best thing about dating someone that is your best friend is that you will continue to grow together.  Things that you share will be happy times and sometimes even scary times but being with someone you can trust allows you to be able to talk about things without being afraid.  In this type of relationship, you will know that your futures are based together.


If you set a timeline to be married, chances are that it might come as a surprise.  Your best friend and your partner might ask you faster than you expected because at this point, you have been through everything together.  You have to think if you can live with all of the habits and differences and if it is worth it to move even further along.


Once you decide that you want to marry your best friend, there is little effort to it.  There will be little details that need to be completed but the big picture is that you are marrying someone that you trust and that you will have a huge event that will celebrate your union together.  This will be the healthiest thing that you do for each other.

Not So Hard

Dating your best friend can show you that relationships do not have to be so hard.  You will skip out on the getting to know each other stage and you will have more fun than you have ever had in your other relationships.  This will be a time where you will not feel the need to play games but only to love each other whole-heartedly.

Being Ready

You cannot just date your best friend.  You have to step into it and be in it forever.  You will hold the chances of losing your best friend and it is a risk that is worth taking.  If you see him as your long term partner then you will see the attraction grow.

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