Getting Over Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy is a strong emotion, and this is a way that you react when you feel that someone is against you but sometimes the things in your mind are not always true.

Once you take time to really think things through, you might see that you are reacting irrational and to stories that your mind is telling you.

Being angry at someone or jealous of them can cause you to believe things in your mind that are not true or that you just jumped to a conclusion about. When you begin to change your beliefs and you find that you are imaging in these things, you will be able to control your emotions.

Sometimes you have a reason to be jealous and to react the way that you do but it is not a good way to deal with any situation. You need to change this emotion and learn to control it so that you can learn to not fall into a trap that is causing problems in your life.

Figure out what is triggering your jealousy and learn to control your emotions. In order to get rid of anger and jealousy, you must stop being insecure and you have to learn to trust your partner and not believe that they are doing something against you.

Getting Rid of Jealousy

Here are some ways that you can work towards getting rid of jealousy and living a happier life:

  • Know that you have power to control your emotions and this strength is in your hands.
  • Change your point of view and look at things from a different perspective.
  • Figure out what you believe and know what is real and what you have made up.
  • Learn to change your attention so that you can stop playing a story over and over in your mind.

There are many things that you can do to get rid of jealousy. There are different solutions that you can do in order to change your emotions and to have power to stop being jealousy. You do not want to have destructive behaviors in your relationships.

By taking time to step back and by waiting before you react, you can change your emotions and you can learn to have skills that will help you to overcome reacting when your emotions are strong.

People are often triggered by jealous feelings when they are insecure. If you have low self-esteem, chances are that you feel insecure and you feel that you are not good enough. You must change these feelings and learn to believe that you are better than you give yourself credit for.

Judging Yourself

We create the emotions that we have and when we are always judging ourselves, we take the information about what we see and we judge ourselves, usually poorly. This can cause you to be insecure and can cause you to feel that you are out of control.

One way to change your behavior is to take this emotion out of your mind and to stop believing things that are negative about yourself. Be responsible for what you feel and know you have the power to change your feelings.

If you are with a partner that is jealous and they want you to change who you are, they are not being responsible for their emotions. This leaves you and them both feeling powerless in the relationship.

Mind and Jealousy

Jealousy and anger are there in your life because you have different feelings. The mind will twist the way that you feel something, and this will cause you to feel insecure and to have self-esteem issues. The moment that you let these feelings come into your life, you will react emotionally.

You must learn to change these feelings and to realize that your mind will cause these images in your relationship.

When a guy feels insecure, he will have images that he is not worthy or good enough. He will begin to be rejected in his mind and this will cause fear in the relationship.

Overcoming Insecurity

If you want to overcome your insecurity and jealousy, you must change how you see yourself. You need to focus on the good things about you and stop feeling unworthy. You must learn to accept yourself and this does not mean you have to change, just change the image in your mind.

The images that we have can trigger us to be angry or unhappy. This can cause you to have negative emotions. You need to note that these are false images, and they are not a reality but part of your imagination.

When a man thing of an image in his mind, it can cause him to want to get attention from a woman because he feels that he is not good enough and he needs to feel accepted.

A mans form of acceptance will change his emotional state and help him to feel better and to show love.

When a man feels that he cannot make a woman happy, he will become emotional and it will trigger his mind to try to accept himself and to love more but this emotion does not need to be there for someone be happy.

The false image that you have will look different in your mind than others.


When someone has a false belief about themselves, they will want all the attention of the person they love. They will imagine her with someone other than themselves and this will fill him with fear. He might fear losing the woman he loves, and this can cause him emotional pain, even though it is a false image. His point of view about not being worthy will take over and will cloud his judgements.

He will want to control the woman to get her attention and her actions will trigger his beliefs. He will have to work to change his emotional state.

Controlling Behavior

One of the things that happens is people learn to control the behaviors and feelings of others and they do this by talking to them badly or trying to punish them. If someone is angry, they will try to control you and to get all your attention.

Being jealous is part of anger and this is to control her to make her do what he wants her to do. His anger may not be what he wanted but since he is believing false things, he is showing anger and allowing his emotions to be in control.

Controlling Anger

When a man has anger and he uses it, chances are he used this as a child. He must not try to punish people because of how he feels. When a woman withdraws from him because of his anger, he will feel that he needs to punish her and to react emotionally and this is a bad cycle.


After he is angry and jealous, he needs to set back and look at how he acted. He will see that his emotions were painful and that he needs to look inside and judge himself for his behavior.

He will replay this over and over and will see things from a different point of view and will feel bad for his behavior, but this is not good enough.

After he was angry, his mind gave him evidence that he was doing wrong and he has to accept this, or he will fall in the same situation over and over.

The inner being will judge him and if it does not show him that he is wrong, he will never be able to control his emotions.

When It Does Not Work

The idea is that a person needs to judge themselves and not accept rejection. He needs to see that his beliefs of himself are wrong and that they are just a false image.

He needs to find a way to feel worthy and to be confident and loving. He needs to do his best to change his way of thinking.

Other Problems

  • He believes he is not good enough and it makes him feel unworthy.
  • He stops these feelings, but he feels that he is tricking himself even when others praise him. He cannot get past his doubting.
  • He feels that if he controls his anger that he is still having these feelings and they could take over at any time.
  • He must have a strong belief that he is good enough and get rid of his false image before it becomes destructive.

False Belief

When a person looks at their behavior and they have anger or jealousy, they are trying to use this behavior to control the other person. This will not let someone be closer to you, but it will cause them to withdraw and leave them.

This will result from his behavior and he must stop his behavior by changing his logical thinking. He has to get rid of his false images and negative beliefs and learn to have an inner judge.


Changing your beliefs and the way that you react to your emotions can help to get rid of the false image in your mind. This can help you to figure out who you are and to see things from a different point of view. This can help you to be aware of your feelings and to be aware of your false image.

Get rid of things in your life that trigger these negative emotions and get rid of false beliefs. If you are feeling angry and not good enough, figure out why and work to change it.

Practice changing your feelings and see where it takes you in life.

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