Looking at the Zodiac Sign to Know if They Like You

Zodiac Sign


When you meet this person, they will have a lot of energy and they will want to know all about you. It will be like they are your best friend. They will want to touch you a lot and show you how caring that they are. The Aries will give you their full attention when they fall in love with you.


The Taurus is someone that will want to take you out and please you and they will learn to show you their feelings once they trust you. They will see if you are trustworthy and if you past the test, they will always tell you how they feel.


This sign is one that will love to talk to you and tell you how they feel, even if they aren’t sure. They are fun to be around and they will make a strong connection with you. When you fall in love with them, they will want to talk to you all night and they will be transparent with everything inside of them.


The Cancer is one that will only fall for you once they know who you are. They are very cautious in who they let in their life and they will need to take time to find out who you are. They will worry about making a move with you or rather they should trust you or not but once they do, they will be your very best friend. This sign makes a good lover and will be there to always make you laugh and to cheer you on in life.


This sign is very protective and has a big ego. They want to be cared about and they will want to have you all to themselves. They will look at you and try to figure out who you are and once they fall in love, they will want you to love them back.


The Virgo is a sign that will play it cool until they know how you feel. They are hard to fall in love with because they are very strong in their mind and emotions. This person will never really say what they are feeling, and you will have to guess what kind of cues they are giving you. They can be confusing in what they are thinking, and they can be hard to love.


This sign is one that will fight for you in love and in friendship. They want to have peace, but they also want things to be fair. If someone is bothering you, they will be right at your side.

This sign has a deep feeling of love and compassion and they will want to show you romance when you get close to them.


The Scorpio is one that will commit to you with their heart. They will tell you that they don’t want to be with you, but they will start to fall in love, and they will completely be loyal to you.

This sign will ask you a lot of questions and they will want to know everything about you before they give you a chance to let you in.


This is a sign that will want to have fun with you. They will want to take vacations and have adventures whenever they can. They will see life as an opportunity and will want to take a chance with you. They love life and they want to live life as exciting as they can.


The Capricorn will begin to plan for the future right away. They want to have things in their life and once they find you, they will not want to let you go. They will want to have a partner that is committed to them and they will expect you to be equally committed.


This sign is a selfless sign, and they will give you all the love that they have inside of them. They will be someone that loves you with all their heart and they will be the best lover that you have ever had.


This is a sign that will share whatever you want in your life. They will show you all of their favorite things and they will want to share their world with you.

They will be very sensitive, and they will be a hopeless romantic for you. They are sometimes hard to get close to but once you do, you are in for life.

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