Knowing When He is Falling in Love

Knowing When He is Falling in Love

Falling in love can be one of the best experiences in your life. It can be an experience that makes you feel happy, full of joy and keeps you having butterflies in your stomach. Everyone has different experiences when it comes to falling in love, so how do you really know when a guy likes you or not?

You can be aware of how you act when you are falling for someone, but it is hard to know when someone else likes you. Here are some signs that can help you find out if he likes you or not.

Seeing the Real Him

Finding someone that will be their true self is hard, but if you find that your guy is acting authentic, it is a sign he might be in love with you. What does he really mean? Just when you want to get to know someone, chances are it can be tempting to hide who you really are and to pretend to be someone else.

This does not mean that you are trying to trick someone, just we all want to show the best qualities. If your guy is showing you who he is, he is falling for you. If he is comfortable hanging out and he likes to see you in your sweats with no makeup on, he might be falling hard.

A guy that likes you will let you see all the deep things about him.

Sex Life

Having sex with someone can be an adventure for you and your partner. When you find someone new, you will find that the sex is different. If you see that your sex life is getting better and more positive, he is probably falling for you.

If you start staying over at each other’s homes, this can be a sign that he likes you even more and he is falling for you more than just physically.

Meeting Your Friends

There is a time that you will want to meet your partners friends and he will want to meet yours. When this happens, you will realize that you mean a lot to him. When he wants to be closer to you, he will want to be closer to the people that you love.


One of the most important changes in a relationship is meeting his family. If he wants to take you to meet his family, this is a big step and chances are he loves you.


Planning and thinking of the future are one sign that your man is falling for you. Maybe he wants to take you out of town for a weekend or book a big trip. He will be excited to spend time with you and you will realize that he loves you.

If you and he are talking about the future or making plans, this is a huge step.

There for You

If he is always there for you when something is going on, such as lights need changed or something needs built, then he likes you. He will always be offering to do new things for you because he likes you.


When a guy likes you, he wants you to be happy. He will see that you are special, and he will love when you smile and when you show off your grin.

Do you like him back? Do you look forward to hearing from him or him messaging you? If so, you might be in love with him as well.

Look for the signs and see if you feel the same. You might be surprised at his response to you.

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