Signs that you are no longer in love

Signs that you are no longer in love
  1. His friends have priority over you

In the beginning, you were his everything, but now its always about his friends. One does not need to get rid of his friends completely. It is important to balance the two. Cathy Meyer, a divorce support expert states that if he prefers spending time with friends instead of you, then other acts that ruin relationships may follow like dealing with finances or creating long term relationship goals. Most people grow up after marriage, but some never do.

  1. He has found new obsessions, apart from you

Activities like video games playing golf or even drinking could take his attention away from you. It’s okay to engage sparingly in these activities but when you use them as a distraction away from your relationship problems, then it’s a red flag, according to Francesca Di Meglio, a newlywed Expert. Sometimes they sincerely have no idea that you feel neglected therefore consider taking it up with them.

  1. Loses interest in his weight or how he looks

Previously used to spend a lot of time in looking good, but now rarely combs his hair or brushes his teeth. He is gradually adding weight and doesn’t care whether you find him attractive or not. Di Meglio says that marriage is not something one can take for granted. You have to show indicate the effort that reflects your interest.

  1. No more cuddling
  2. Cuddling brings people closer and creates a calm secure environment. If he pushes you away or shows a lack of affection, then it’s a problem. You need to figure out why that mood exists. Check for signs of stress and unaddressed issues within the relationship, according to dr. Leslie Doares, a marriage consultant. It could also mean a lack of interest in your intimacy needs and a clear sign of cheating.
  3. Not bothered about your day

A simple, Hi, how was your day, hasn’t come your way over a period of time. But don’t jump to conclusions. Find out why he suddenly went, mum. If he shows no interest at all in knowing about your day, then your relationship needs review. If he doesn’t care about that, there are possibly a number of other things he doesn’t care about that are more serious

  1. He doesn’t share his problems

Whenever you ask what wrong you get a shrug or no response or a non-welcoming behavior. Lack of communication will destroy the bonds between the two of you., according to DI Meglio. If this problem is solved at an early stage, you will drift apart.

  1. No More hand holding

It did come naturally if you find yourself always initiating the action, another red flag. Maybe he finds it not appealing anymore. Di Meglio further says that lack of touch or physical connection is a sign of problems in a marriage. You should initiate the touch and observe the reactions.

  1. If he looks uneasy around happy couples

He shouldn’t actually long for what other couples have. Signs of jealousy towards them could reflect his unhappiness with you. You definitely don’t want to see a couple doing good when your relationship is not working, says Di Meglio. Pressure may force him to take your relationship to a level he isn’t okay with, according to Doares.

  1. He avoids eye contact

If previously this was a non-issue, then suddenly it changes, could be that he is hiding something. If he can’t look at you in the eye during serious discussions, he is definitely hiding something or avoiding something. Find out why this is happening according to Meyer. May his feelings towards you have changed and he is not ready to say it to you.

  1. No discussions about the future

Those old discussions about having kids, traveling the world and other dreams are no longer talked about. This is an indication that he has no future plans with you according to Di Meglio. This could ruin your marriage. If he shows lack of ease when these discussions come up, he’s probably thinking of a future without you, says Feuerman.

  1. Lack of common interests

The saying opposite attracts is often the case with married couples, but again if you lack common goals or activities, its a problem. If there is totally nothing to bond about you risk a huge drift. You don’t have to possess the same passions but at least get excited about each other’s interests and share common goals

  1. He handles you like a friend

Of course, most people require their spouses to be their best friend, but physical attraction is what ignites the chemistry. Being friend zoned by your spouse is really miserable, says Feuerman. The intimate touch slowly fades. Dating and flirting are constantly required to keep the fire burning since your spouse should always be that person with whom you split the bills.

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