The Zone of Mental Balance

Are you tapped into your Zone of Mental Balance? It’s a way of approaching both business and life that can bring success to entrepreneurs, businesspeople and professionals in both their careers and their lives. It’s easy to understand this principle.

When planted in your Zone of Mental Balance, you’ll no longer live your life by a schedule. You’ll no longer be ruled by ambition. Your ambition will come from what’s obviously right in front of you, so you’ll never get burned or stressed. All you have to do is just be. It’s effortless and choiceless.

Living in the Zone of Mental Balance will help you gain considerable significance in your professional field. It isn’t reached by discipline, but by dedication. It isn’t achieved through the mind, but through the heart. It isn’t accessed through ego, but through an ever-expanding awareness. It isn’t through blind ambition, but from a passion to help people and to change their lives.

What Is the Zone of Mental Balance?

  • It’s not technical. It focuses on the substance of your professional field, and what your position is as a thought leader and a person of influence. It’s about your authenticity and the strength of what you have to offer. It’s in your message.
  • It’s feminine. It’s a place of low stress, because it’s gentle, flowing, and not goal-oriented. Few business coaches are familiar with running businesses the feminine way. They usually focus on the services and products, and coach on marketing, creative branding, strategist and advertising.

It’s finding your own authentic voice.. This truly is the Zone of Mental Balance. You won’t succeed in your career by copying someone else who’s made it before you. Finding your authentic inner voice allows you to stand tall and confident as your own authentic self. You will become a thought leader, able to magnetize your audience with a clear, unique message.

  • It’s enjoying the moment. Planning and accomplishing goals is exhausting. It can create discouraging roadblocks that cause people to quit before they even begin to try, because it feels like such a chore. You can’t succeed in your profession if you’re rooted in the superficiality of your mind. Enduring enterprises spring from the heart, which is also the root of enjoyment. With no enjoyment, the destination will become more important than the journey, and you will not find success.

Your mindset is the most important component of your career or your new business. It literally defines it. Whether you’re just gathering ideas on your future niche, or you’re exploring what you really want to do with your life, or you’ve been in business for a while but aren’t certain where it’s headed, or you feel uncertain because your intention isn’t clear, the following steps can help you.

  1. Access your Zone of Mental Balance.

Your thoughts are filled with resistance because they are dualistic. Most people’s thoughts are self-centered, or focus on things that might have been or things that they think should be. That is egoic consciousness, and it exhausts people.

Thinking like this isn’t deliberate, it’s random and invasive. Deliberate thinking is creative, and requires awareness. To get in the Zone of Mental Balance, you have to leave behind your neuroses, your random and obsessive thinking. Random thinking has no awareness. It’s basically worrying, so it acts as resistance.

If you’re not at peace with yourself and are unhappy, it’s because you’re a random thinker. When you become aware, you’ll be able to transcend the mind. Only then will own your thoughts. When you’re aware, your mind will naturally become quiet, with little effort. You’ll be a deliberate thinker, no longer an obsessive, random one. You will be the master, and your mind will be your tool.

  1. Deal with what needs to be done in the moment.

Anticipation is the same thing as anxiety. You won’t have any anxiety if you’re not anticipating things. Anxiety is one by-product of random thoughts. Random thoughts sap energy through anticipation, leaving you less energy to spend on creative endeavors.

Therefore, a quiet mind is the by-product of the understanding that your mind is impersonal. Until you intuitively understand that, your mind will never be quiet. Until you can place distance between your mind and yourself, your identity will always be wrapped up in the connection with your mind.

Most people don’t think that they are the master of their mind, and that their mind is the tool to help them do great things. Stop using your mind to perceive. This will only lead to heartache, conflicts and suffering. Use your mind to create, to conceive.

  1. Deliberately focus on the tasks at hand.

Staying focused will help keep you going. You won’t burn out, and you won’t waste time on neurotic thoughts. Your energy level will remain high, and you’ll have the self-control to spend it on what really matters. You will accomplish more, because you’ll be able to leverage your time.

Everyone gets 24 hours a day. But when you can focus and leverage your time, you’ll be able to double or even triple your previous efficiency level, because most other people are still are wasting so much of their time on their own neurotic thoughts.

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