Things a Man Should Not Do in a Relationship

Things a Man Should Not Do in a Relationship

It is easy to understand that there are billions of men in the world and there are only a few that are charming and love to treat women the way that they want to be treated. Men or women are human beings and are full of mistakes and flaws and this is one of the traits that is less desirable.

Even though no guy is perfect, when it comes to a relationship you hope to get the whole package. A man will take action that means he will never cross some lines. There are some things a man should never do or stop doing in a relationship and here are some of them:


One of the hardest things to get over is when someone cheats. When this happens, they cannot justify why they treated you that way and it breaks the relationship.

If you have reasons for your actions and you are thinking about cheating, don’t do this or you will hurt her, and you need to just find someone else to date.


Never lie about little things because this will cause you to lie about bigger things. You have to have a relationship that is a trusting relationship and there is no room for lies.

People to make mistakes and you should apologize but when this happens over and over again it can cause the relationship to fail.


There is a reason that your girl is your best friend. She is not someone that you can just treat how you want but she is a person with feelings.

Relationships go two ways and you need to respect her and love her and make sure she is heard.

Hurt Her

A real man will never hurt a woman and he will do things that will not cause her heart to ache. Her feelings should be important, and men need to be kind.

If you are with someone that has a short temper, they need to practice being patient and count to ten so that they do not say things they will regret.

Put Her Down

Do not put a girl down that you are with. Do not make fun of her dreams or her personality. By degrading and teasing her you are damaging her and your relationship. She will lose her self-esteem.


If you have a boyfriend that is not supporting you, it will cause your relationship to end in a bad way. Remind yourself that they need to be there for you, and they should hold you and keep you safe and important.


Never treat a girl like an option but appreciate who she is. Be committed in your relationship and when you go to meet her, take time with her and learn to show her that you care.


Do not make your girlfriend a safety net or a plan B. She should be number one in your life if you are choosing to be with her. If you don’t want to be with her, you need to let her go. Do not let the future of your relationship stay in your mind if you have no intention of moving on.


When you do not take your girlfriend seriously then chances are you should not be together. She should feel comfortable about being your other half and she should not be mocked for who she is. She should not have to improve herself to be with you.

Women face issues that are terrible from the world and she needs a boyfriend that is respectful, kind and loving.


The last thing a boyfriend should ever do is to break his promises. If you make a promise to your girlfriend, keep it. Do not forget your promises and lose track of them.

When you repeatedly break promises you will lose a place in your girls’ heart and she will not see you as true.

Girls do not expect guys to be perfect, but they need to not be hurt either. Life is not a fake thing and guys are not princes. A guy needs to be more than charming, and he needs to be loyal, loving and kind.

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